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The Benefits of Synthetic Roofing Products

Presented by EcoStar LLC

The challenges for the modern architect are innumerable. Juggling aesthetics, performance, and price point, all while keeping stewardship of our environment a priority, can be a daunting task.

Synthetic roofing products offer a solution to these challenges by providing the beauty of their natural counterparts along with superior performance and durability. In this course, you will explore the features and benefits of synthetic roofing products along with the versatility they offer.

A comparison to alternate roofing products will show the advantages synthetics have over other roofing materials. Project case studies will exemplify how synthetic roofing products can solve the unique design challenges faced by architects.

AIA-Approved Course:

Provider Number: K494

Course Number: ECOSEPT22

Credits: 1 LU

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the formulation and manufacturing of synthetic roofing tiles.
  2. Discover the design benefits of specifying synthetic roofing tiles.
  3. Recognize the durability, life cycle, and sustainability of synthetic roofing materials, including testing methods and approvals.
  4. Discuss the different synthetic roof system options available.
  5. Compare the features and benefits of synthetic roofing products to traditional roofing products and be able to select the appropriate product for a specific application.

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About EcoStar

For 30 years, EcoStar has been a pioneer in the synthetic slate and shake roofing markets. EcoStar leads the composite steep-slope roofing industry with its premium synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles. EcoStar products are made to the highest of standards and are the environmentally-responsible choice for contractors, specifiers, architects and property owners. EcoStar tiles are manufactured in the USA with a material made of up to 80% upcycled post-industrial rubber and plastic.

Over the years, science and technology have enhanced our already exceptional weathering performance. Product weathering occurs in all synthetic roofing products regardless of material content (recycled or virgin). Our lot control methods ensure that our tiles weather uniformly, so that over time, EcoStar tiles lose their slight sheen and develop a patina, continuing the replication of their natural counterparts. Testing our products remains paramount to providing products that look beautiful and realistic when first installed, and even more natural with each year of exposure to mother nature. In other words, we improve with age!

EcoStar is manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 9001 Quality Management.