For Architects

The challenges for the modern architect are innumerable. Juggling aesthetics, performance and price point, all while keeping stewardship of our environment a priority, can be a daunting task. EcoStar offers a full range of manufactured slate and wood shakes, produced from up to 80% recycled plastic and rubber. Other synthetic alternatives exist, but none with green pedigree. Most list benefits as ‘recyclable’, but not recycled, and many have high filler content, often calcium carbonate or talc, in excess of 50% of the total.

While diverting millions of pounds from landfill, EcoStar products set the standard for sustainability. All tiles come with a standard 50 year material warranty, with limited labor coverage available.  Outstanding durability and life cycle costs make EcoStar the only choice for responsible, green building practice.

See how EcoStar looks on your project.

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