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EcoStar LLC is the leading manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly steep-slope roofing products. EcoStar was established to meet the need for a recycled synthetic alternative to natural slate roofing. That need led to the manufacture of our first line of synthetic product – Majestic Slate. For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to protecting precious natural resources by offering our discerning customers products made with recycled plastic and rubber.

A Pioneer in Synthetic Slate & Shake Roofing


The visionary glimpse of what EcoStar is today began in the early 1970s with the development of the formulation for Starloy (Staroba Alloy). This base formula of recycled rubber and plastic is the foundation for the injection-molded slate and shake roofing tiles that have become the leader in the synthetic roofing industry today.

The first Starloy tiles were compounded and molded by Staroba Plastics over 20 years ago working in conjunction with roofing contractors. The first synthetic slate tiles were sold in the U.S. in 1996, and five years later Carlisle SynTec Incorporated purchased the sales and marketing portion of EcoStar, retaining Staroba Plastics as the exclusive manufacturer for the full line of roofing tiles.

In 2010, the Staroba family brought all parts of the business – manufacturing, sales and marketing – home to Holland, New York as EcoStar LLC.

In addition to its history of manufacturing, EcoStar LLC has strong sales and marketing leadership who have been with the brand since 1998.  EcoStar LLC continues to lead the market with their synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles.  Its well-known team of manufacturer’s representatives and distributors has been instrumental in the success of the product since its inception.

Sustainable Beauty

EcoStar LLC leads the composite steep-slope roofing industry with its premium synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles. EcoStar products are made to the highest standards and are the environmentally responsible choice for contractors, specifiers, architects and property owners.


EcoStar tiles are manufactured with a material made of up to 80% recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic. Your purchase of EcoStar products assists in the diversion of millions of pounds of scrap rubber and plastic from landfills annually.


By using recycled materials, EcoStar tiles aid in the preservation of natural resources. No trees are cut and no stones are quarried for the manufacturing of EcoStar slate and shake products.

Energy-Saving Possibilities

Enjoy additional energy savings from our line of cool colors, available in Empire tiles. EcoStar offers three Energy Star® rated colors including Sea Salt, Drifting Dunes and Saratoga Sunset.


Quality to the Core

EcoStar strives to operate a safe, efficient company. We work to satisfy our customers through employee teamwork, quality workmanship and continuous improvement, and ISO certification plays an important role in attaining these goals.

ISO 9001 is a voluntary quality management standard set forth by the International Organization for Standardization. With a proven quality management system in place, EcoStar’s manufacturing arm, Staroba Plastics, Inc. has been continuously ISO-certified since its initial certification in 1997. The full ISO 9001:2015 quality management system covers marketing, sales, and manufacturing through on-site delivery.

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