Project Details

Project 26

This beautiful home in a historic area in St. Louis, MO was in need of a new roof. In keeping with the historic appeal of the neighborhood, while also selecting a product that was reliable, an EcoStar Majestic Slate roof was chosen. Majestic Slate 12″ Traditional tiles in a Smoke Gray Blend were selected and installed.

The EcoStar roof only added to the beauty of the architecture, all while being lightweight, eco-friendly and protecting against the elements such as rain, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperature change and the sun’s UV rays.

Majestic Slate Technical Info

  • UL listed Class C fire resistance (UL 790)
  • Wind resistance to 110 mph (ASTM D3161,TAS100)
  • UL Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • Prolonged UV Exposure (ASTM G155)
  • UL Evaluation Report, AC07-UL ER 18920-02
  • May contribute to LEED® points
  • Manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

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