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Project 125

When it comes to the design of Majestic Niagara Slate, it consumes less raw material, reduces roof load by up to 20%, and lowers installation labor by 30%. The owners of this home in Birmingham, AL, chose these tiles for this reason and because they provide long-lasting durability, superior protection against extreme weather conditions and 50 years of warranty coverage.

This natural-looking, 5/8” thick, synthetic slate roofing tile is produced in 12” and 14” widths. The 9” and 10” exposure options allow your house to have a unique look by using staggered or random width offset installations. Available in 11 standard colors, Majestic Niagara Slate offers endless opportunity to showcase the beauty of natural slate at a fraction of the cost.

Majestic Niagara Slate Technical Info

  • UL listed Class C fire resistance (UL 790)
  • UL Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • Wind resistance to 110 mph (ASTM D3161)
  • May contribute to LEED® points
  • Manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

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