What to Consider When You’re Looking to Replace Your Roof

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Buying a new roof is an important update to your home. There are several factors to consider such as materials, cost, durability, aesthetics, etc. It’s important you do your research and be well educated on your options.

If you’re in the market for a new roof and you’re feeling lost in the process, you’re in luck – we came up with a list of some major considerations when buying a new roof for your home, and some of the best products on the market.


A new roof is a major investment, so it's sensible to pick the materials that will last the longest. We know roofs don’t last forever, but choosing high quality materials will prolong your roof’s life.

A roof can last anywhere from 30 years to 5 decades – it all depends on whether you choose asphalt shingles, metal or another roofing material. The material makes a significant difference.

Take, for example, synthetic slate. Synthetic slate can last decades longer than a traditional asphalt roof, which you may have experienced lasting around 30 years. Oftentimes, synthetic slate comes with a generous warranty. Take a look at all of EcoStar’s slate and shake tiles – they come with a 50-year Gold Star Warranty or 50-Year Limited Material Warranty.


Did you know that synthetic slate shingles are more durable than authentic slate? Synthetic slate tiles have ultraviolet inhibitors to help prevent damage from the sun. Synthetic slate attracts many homeowners because it has the enchanting look of real slate without the drawbacks.

EcoStar’s synthetic slate products offer superior performance and durability. EcoStar tiles have a high impact resistance that protects it from hail, falling branches, foot traffic, ice, and snow damage.

To add, EcoStar tiles are proven to protect against the most extreme elements such as rain, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperature change and UV sunlight.


Arguably the most important consideration is safety. You need to feel secure in your own home and be assured that you, your loved ones and your belongings are protected from severe weather conditions.

Synthetic slate roofs are considered to be one the safest materials on the market. The reason for this is that synthetic slate generally has impact modifiers that are added to help withstand storm damage. Consider EcoStar products which have Class 4 impact resistance – the highest level when it comes to roofing materials.

They are also available with the highest fire-resistance rating – Class A – which means that they are effective when fighting exposure to external fires. They aren’t easily flammable and do not spread the fire.


Roofs are the ultimate home protectors. Aside from keeping your valued assets safe, they also bring beauty to your property. You want to go with a roof that enhances the look and feel of your home.

EcoStar products can even make a castle more “Majestic”. Check out one of the notable EcoStar projects in Windham, NH. The beautiful Searles Castle was upgraded to the next level with Stone Red Majestic Slate tiles.

To make it even better, EcoStar’s Majestic Slate is manufactured with post-industrial recycled content to create a lightweight and environmentally responsible alternative to natural slate. It’s both gorgeous and sustainable.

Another breathtaking EcoStar project is a residential project in Williamsville, NY. Using durable, flexible, beautiful Seneca Shake roofing tiles, the homeowner recreated the aesthetics of this Geodesic Dome home.

The Seneca Shake roofing tiles are custom crafted using real cedar shakes as a template to create an intricate texture that truly appears natural. They are manufactured from up to 80% post-industrial recycled materials. Little-to-no maintenance combined with a 50-year warranty translates to a trouble-free roofing solution with lasting performance – both beautiful AND functional.

Price and Sustainability

You want to maximize your dollar as much as possible when making such a big investment, and there is added value to having a roof with good longevity and superior durability. The value is in the quality of the product you choose.

It’s also important to go with an eco-friendly, sustainable option. All EcoStar products are made with cost-effective materials. We offer products made from recycled rubber and plastics that are suitably flexible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Did we mention that EcoStar products come with a generous 50-year warranty?

Learn More About EcoStar

EcoStar has been dedicated to sustainability and producing high quality roofing materials for nearly 30 years. If you’re looking to invest wisely and bring beauty to your home – you came to the right place. There’s a lot to talk about and still so much to learn about EcoStar products. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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