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Seneca Shake

Seneca Shake offers the appearance of natural cedar shake while providing superior performance, protection and durability. Manufactured from recycled rubber and plastic, Seneca Shake tiles offer a highly durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional cedar shake roofing tiles. Like all EcoStar products, Seneca Shake offers Class 4 impact resistance and are available with a 50-year warranty and a 100 mph wind warranty. Unlike traditional wood shake, Seneca Shake tiles offering unique architectural opportunities for virtually any roofing system and are manufactured in a 6", 9" and 12" width in various thicknesses.

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Seneca Shake tiles are available in 11 colors: Smoke Gray, Federal Gray, Midnight Gray, Black, Earth Green, Sage Green, Cedar Brown, Chestnut Brown, Driftwood Brown, Stone Red, and Mountain Plum.

1. Seneca Smoke 2. Federal Gray 3. Midnight Gray 4. Black 5. Earth Green 6. Sage Green 7. Cedar Brown 8. Chestnut Brown 9. Driftwood Brown A. Stone Red B. Mountain Plum