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Empire Slate

The newest member of the EcoStar family of premium steep slope roof tiles is the Empire Slate line of products. The second generation of sustainable roofing offers all the features and benefits of the Majestic line, and more.

As an environmentally conscious company, EcoStar felt that providing roofing systems made from recycled products was not enough. We needed to address the issues of Global Warming and Energy Conservation. To this end, EcoStar has developed a new formulation for roof tiles to achieve both high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) performance, and low emissivity. In the warmer climates, both homes and commercial buildings are subject to thermal gain in daylight hours. The SRI of the Empire Slate tiles help reduce this gain by reflecting the sun’s heat energy back into space, as opposed to being absorbed by the building envelope. The low emissivity rating works in the opposite way, allowing buildings to retain their heat energy in night time hours and reducing the Urban Heat Island effect. In short, EcoStar is offering a sustainable, durable product with recycled content that can contribute to an energy efficient building envelope.

Empire Slate tiles are available in 12 colors: Saranac Smoke, Freeport Federal, Manhattan Midnight, Bedford Black, Geneva Grove, Fairport Fern, Hampton Harbour, Auburn Acorn, Monticello Merlot, Cool Saratoga Sunset, Cool Sea Salt and Cool Drifting Dunes.

1. Saranac Smoke 2. Freeport Federal 3. Manhattan Midnight 4. Bedford Black 5. Geneva Grove 6. Fairport Fern 7. Hampton Harbour 8. Auburn Acorn 9. Monticello Merlot A. Cool Saratoga Sunset B. Cool Sea Salt C. Cool Drifting Dunes


Did you know?

Empire Slate and Empire Shake have an unlimited color palette  to choose from! Contact us today for your custom colors!