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Aqua Guard


Aqua Guard Roofing Underlayment provides superior protection for building interiors while offering a stronger and lighter alternative to traditional felt underlayment. Manufactured with a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene, Aqua Guard is a cost-effective material that provides superior protection against tearing and exposure to the elements, and will not crack or dry in extreme temperatures. Offering easy installation and a skid-resistant surface, Aqua Guard meets all national building codes, and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications with new construction and

Aqua Gaurd



EcoVent is a continuous tile-over ridge vent that efficiently prevents moisture build-up in the attic space of a building, effectively reducing the building's cooling costs and extending the life of the roof. EcoVent provides incredible strength, unmatched durability and superior protection against rain, snow and ice, creating a breathable weather barrier for virtually every weather condition.

Manufactured in 20-foot-long by 10.5-inch-wide rolls, EcoVent offers improved coverage yet remains the industry's lightest rolled ridge vent. Because of its lightweight characteristics, EcoVent provides easy handling and installation. Adding to EcoVent's ease-of-use are the stainless steel EcoStar roofing nails that come standard with EcoVent, eliminating the purchase of additional materials. With a low-profile design that allows it to sit under hip and ridge tiles, EcoVent offers nearly invisible protection, providing a cosmetic appearance that is superior to that created by fans and other rooftop vent systems.


 Nova Walkway Pads

NOVA Walkway Pads interlock to form a high-performance roofing walkway system. The pads are manufactured using a proprietary polymer composed of 100 percent recycled, post-industrial rubber and plastic. NOVA Walkway Pads provide a non-absorbent, skid-resistant surface that offers enhanced durability and impact resistance. Featuring an open octagon grid design, NOVA Walkway Pads eliminate ponding liquid, allowing the free flow of liquids below the pads. With a unique interlocking design, the pads are easy to install and provide increased resistance to water, oils and chemicals, offering maximum product life and traction durability.   Nova Walkway Pads

 Glacier Guard

 Glacier Guard is a self-adhering sheet membrane designed to provide superior protection for roofing substrates. Available in smooth-surface, high-temp smooth surface and granular surface, Glacier Guard offers enhanced protection against moisture penetration from wind-driven rain and water backup caused by ice dams.  Glacier Guard


 Composed of stainless steel, EcoStar Fasteners provide superior strength and resistance to corrosion, staining and leaking. EcoStar Fasteners offer a tensile strength between 125,000 and 145,000 pounds per square inch, with an ultimate lateral load that is nearly 20% higher than that of traditional steel fasteners. While their standard length is 1-1/2", EcoStar Fasteners are available in various lengths upon request.  Fasteners